Friday, June 1, 2012

So the Konami press conference last night was... OK at best. The opening focus on social gaming was good press for investors, I suppose, but for those of us that like to keep iPhone games and "real" games separate, it was skippable. Finally seeing some footage of the ZOE HD collection was nice, and I'm excited for fans of the series. I've never picked it up myself, but perhaps now would be the time to get into the series. I know a lot of people are hoping that Kojima will be announcing a ZOE 3 this year.

The high point for me was (no surprise) the Metal Gear Rising trailer. I was a little worried after the trailer during the Spike VGAs, as it looked like the game was simply ditching all of the awesome mechanics that were shown at E3 last year, due to the switch to Platinum studios as the main developers. However, this trailer shows that a lot of the environmental destruction and cutting mechanics have remained in the game. Sure, they lack a little of the finesse that was in the original build we were shown, but it's expected since Platinum is taking the game in a different direction. I'm still confused as to how it works exactly, though. There are some clips of Raiden making well aimed slices at enemies and the environment that cause pretty much everything to split into little pieces, and there are other shots of him hitting regular mercenaries with his sword several times, and they only seem to take minor damage. Also, the story still looks like an absolute train wreck. I still can't believe they decided to set it after MGS4. Oh well, it still looks hella fun regardless.

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